Wednesday, March 4, 2009

They're right

Which is generally something I find distressing to admit, but it turns out that exercise really does make you feel better! OK, actually I knew it already and have previously acknowledged its truth in my own life, but I'm sitting here at my laptop feeling justifiably pleased with the fact that I went to the gym this morning.

To give you some idea of how long ago it is since I darkened their doors, they had actually installed a new entry system. And had been using it for some time. So my first task was to present myself at the reception desk and try not to look too embarrassed while asking for a new key card ("Yes, I am a member." "No, I didn't get a key card when the new system was installed." "Why not..? Because I haven't seen you since May 2008"). I managed to laugh.


  1. I always forget about the feeling good bit, and talk myself out of exercising. Then I have your experience, invisibly slapping myself on the forehead and thinking 'doh!' when the happies kick in.

    I once bought a gym membership because I just wasn't moving enough, then started editioning a book the day after, and never got back to pick up my card. I still haven't been back, two years later. I don't think I'll ever be able to face that particular gym again :)

  2. You mean you've been paying membership since May 2008 and not used it? You're supposed to be half Scottish - what's wrong with you?!!

  3. What a great achievement Sara going to the gym ...even if you did not actually do anything at least you went in there and well started getting organized towards that ........I just noticed on your post at the bottom of this page that you are moving house? Whats this all about thought that you guys were building your own house? It will probably become clearer to me in time.

    I am gonna go visit double elefant now and see what you've been up to - that is if you have had any time. I suspect not. We moved up from London 2 years ago here to Fife and it was unbeliveably exhausting well especially with my physical condition ( or rather lack of it) and I was crutchless then. Never mind we are over it - just about now. You should see my re organized studio now. It feels bigger and there ae just two more things to be done.


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