Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not a baldy any more

Belle isn't bald any more! Because I've spent several evening recently sewing 400m of cotton embroidery thread (in 4 colours) onto her little head... approximately 1,000 lengths of thread! I am completely mad.

If I find any more thread I might - one day - lower her hairline a little. Right now, though, I'm remembering that upper class ladies in the late 1500's - early 1600's used to pluck their foreheads to attain such alabaster elegance because it was a sign of beauty. So there.


  1. I like the hairline as is and yes, I agree, you are mad!

  2. Just clicked on the larger image and I must say she is gorgeously delightful. You have done an amazing job! But I particularly like the way you wrapped her modestly in a hankie for the photoshoot! It must be because now she has an identity!

  3. You said it, girl!! But she is a very pretty rag doll.

  4. To lower her hairline without it sitting awkwardly, you'd have to create a fringe, and she looks way too elegantly pre-Raphaelite (sp?) to have a fringe! Lovely job.


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