Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good news

We got the house! We haven't signed the lease yet (we're planning to do that on Tuesday, when I get a day off from my residency and will be in Coffs Harbour) but the property has come off the market, the owner is busy installing a new first-floor deck to make the most of the sea views from the upstairs living areas and we've booked a removals company with a provisional date of February 16th for actually shifting furniture from one place to the other. We have a mountain of work to do now, packing, re-packing, labelling and re-labelling boxes old and new so that our belongings can be split between our newly-built shed and the new house. I can't say I'm entirely looking forward to the process but I am looking forward to the result.

Here's to our first evening sitting on the balcony, sipping something cold and admiring the seascape!

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  1. Oh, I'm so happy for you!!!!!!! That place sounds like a dream. (Do you think there will be snakes?????) jan


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