Saturday, January 17, 2009

Making Time

I was reading a post by Colleen Gonzalez on Eric Maisel's blog and boy, did it ring true... Essentially it was about finding time to do the thing you're really passionate about and this seemingly simple simple task is something I trip over, again and again. What hit me in the solar plexus was a comment from Suzanne Kelsey about the importance of MAKING time,

"The irony is that once your kids are grown, and even if you suddenly have 40 hours a week to write, the habit... will not come any easier. There will always be reasons not to start"

Perhaps it's all blindingly obvious to those who have already nailed the habit of making time to do the thing they'd otherwise be moaning about not having enough time to do, but for the rest of us - or at least me - it's good to be reminded of this simple truth!

Last year my Daily Drawing blog was an attempt to make a little bit of room in my life for drawing, every day, and it has really worked: now that particular project is over I find myself drawing every day anyway, and feeling as if I've missed out if I can't manage it, so I've proved to myself that I can do it. Now what I have to do is enlarge the activity if you like, and encompass some bigger projects.

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  1. What a wonderful outcome from that project. I've already told you, but the drawing blog brought me happiness as well. I was always so excited to see what you had uploaded.

    I am ashamed to make another television reference, but oh well. On Oprah the other day, the guest was talking about how to bring meditation into your daily routine, as a way to bring a moment of peace in your life. She said that for the first year, (or was it month?), you dedicate one minute a day to the process. Just deep breathing and mind emptying. By the end of that time it would become an ingrained habit for you and you could then increase it by a minute. She said that if you couldn't find a minute a day, that the time isn't right for you to try it.


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