Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coming up for air

This evening I feel as if I've cracked our recent move: virtually all of the boxes are unpacked and although we may not know exactly which cupboard something is in, it is in its designated cupboard. If you can't find it, that's not my problem, right?

I should have remembered: the process of moving takes most of a month! First there's the packing, then the loading (in our case about 30 car's worth of boxes shifted between the two houses so that we could start off with food and crockery, computers and bedlinen, each in the right place). Then there's unpacking... and if you're me, this is a mountain that needs to be climbed as soon as possible in order to avert the depression that sets in almost immediately when I'm confronted with a large pile of boxes. I think I was some sort of cat in a former life as I seem to need to turn around several times and get everything right before I can settle down. Things aren't entirely perfect, but they're pretty good. All the stuff that belongs in my studio is actually in the studio, and in the world outside I have my computer set up properly and connected to a printer, the washing machine is plumbed in and there is no longer a mountain of unwashed clothes and sheets hanging around the floor of the laundry, my clothes are all in the wardrobe and the wine cellar is unpacked.

Now I am very, very tired.


  1. Congratulations! I've been thinking of you and worried about you moving in such atrocious weather. Thought I'd leave you alone until you were truly 'there'.

  2. I was just thinking about you today as well. It occurred to me that maybe I had seen posts by you but not realized it was your's. (I still am probably thinking that You=Double Elephant.) Glad to see that things are moving well.


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