Thursday, February 26, 2009


My mind isn't cold and bare, in fact it's got all sorts of pictures going on in it, but here's a problem: where do I hang the damned things in our new house? THERE ARE NO HOOKS! And moreover, I'm not allowed to put up any hooks (or at least, not without incurring a huge replastering and repainting bill at the end of our tenancy, which, as we'll hopefully be building a house soon is likely to be one of the points in my life when I have least money). Perhaps this says that our absentee landlord has a cold and bare mind?

I'll have to make do with creating lots of inspiring art in the studio to make up for it, and selling it for thousands of dollars, thus expediting the construction of our house!

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  1. Oh dear. Lot's of leaning against the walls is in order I suspect.


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